A full weekend of rugby, (we hope).. and a couple of important games in the West Asia Premiership.
The West Asia Premiership only has 2 weekends left, albeit almost a month apart !!?!
Here are our previews for Premiership fixtures this weekend.

At the Top of the table is Abu Dhabi Harlequins, now only 3 points ahead of Doha and with Jebel Ali Dragons and Bahrain to play.

This weekend the Harlequins take on the Dragons who finished off the Exiles strongly in the 2nd half last weekend and have given themselves a belief and a chance now for a top 2 place.
The Dragons travel to Abu Dhabi for this game and Harlequins will take strength from the home crowd. Harlequins also play Bahrain at home to finish the season and will use that knowledge to brush aside the away loss last weekend.
Our Prediction, 2 wins to end the season on Top.

Doha head off to Bahrain and the traditional West Asia clubs will have to leave their love in the changing rooms as this game means a lot to both teams. Doha will need the win to keep the pressure on Harlequins and to keep distance from Jebel Ali.
Bahrain on the other hand can also keep the Dragons at bay and even challenge for 2nd themselves.
Doha finish the season with a home game against Hurricanes however and Bahrain have the harder finish against Harlequins. Our Prediction, Doha to end 2nd.

Bahrain have given everyone some great games this season and it is fantastic to see the once West Asia powerhouse sitting near the top of the table. Wherever they end up, it is fundamental to the future of West Asia Cross Border Rugby to ensure there is no dominance from one region.
Bahrain are at home this weekend and have an excellent opportunity to have the upset of the season so soon after Doha knocked over Harlequins, this is it. Bahrain residents expect a cracking game of rugby.

The Dragons have a game in hand and 3 BP wins could mathematically get them to second if results went their way, but that is a tall order. Dragons might be happy just in salvaging a season that has seen some frustrating results.
They play Harlequins away this weekend where forcing a result could be tough, but finish with Hurricanes and Saracens, which means no overseas travel dramas to weaken the squads.
Our Prediction, overtake Bahrain into 3rd with 2 wins.

Dubai Exiles play Saracens on Friday in a game now that is becoming bailing the sinking ship to Dubai Exiles. The Exiles seem to be like football’s Leicester City, who have gone from winner to relegation battle. The Exiles won’t have any danger of relegation, or finishing last, but they will not be happy at all with how the season has ended up.
Saracens after last weekend’s win over Hurricanes, especially the manner in how they finished so strongly, will mean their tails are well and truly up.
Our Prediction, Exiles to struggle against a hungry Saracens side but finish the season in 5th.

The Dubai Hurricanes have a bye this weekend but then play Dragons on the 9th in a rearranged game. The Hurricanes have had some good patches all year and at times have shown some nice rugby, but the Premiership requires 80 minutes of play these days and the Canes are still developing as a team.
Our Prediction, Hurricanes to finish bottom.